We have dishware, containers, water dispensers and linens to support non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and fundraisers. Depending on what you want to use, we will determine a fair price. $75 for whatever you want to use, pick it up clean, return it clean!

Pay for wares upon pick up, check made out to Mary Munat, please. This is outside of our primary event waste diversion work and needn’t be taxable.

The storage unit is at Redwood Mini-Storage, 425 Houser Drive, Cotati at the corner of Redwood Drive. This is near the intersection of Highways 116 and 101, about 1/2 mile south of Rohnert Park Expressway. We will meet you on the street near the gate to the unit to drive in together. A firm time will need to be set for said hand off and return.

My cell phone is above and my brother, Jonathan, is our inventory manager. His number is 802-430-4499802-430-4499.

Typically, one of us will meet you at the gate, or we may be inside loading or unloading so give a call from the gate we don’t spot each other out on Houser Street.

Wares available:

  • Utensils – about 600 each of knives, forks, spoons
  • Plastic water/juice cups – about 300
  • Wine glasses – about 600
  • Matching stuff – large plates, small plates, bowls, coffee mugs – about 80 each
  • Large plates, matching about 80, unmatching – about 200
  • Small plates, unmatching – about 300
  • Coffee mugs – matching about 80, unmatching about 200
  • Mason jars – about 100, 8 and 12 oz
  • Water pitchers – 12
  • Coffee makers – 3, for up to 40 cups of coffee
  • Table cloths – 10 matching deep purple ones, approx. 10’ long, rectangular and another 20 unmatching or varied size and shape
  • Cloth napkins –about 100 white matching, about 100 unmatching napkins
  • Ceramic water crocks – 8 with five gallon jugs for dispensing water
  • 5 and 10 gallon orange plastic igloos/water dispensers for outdoor or sporting events

This is a community dish library. We do NOT wash stuff and only cursorily check through crates as they are returned. Dishes and linens must be returned clean and the dishware has to be run through a dishwasher in order to sterilize it. There is a commercial dishwasher available to the public at the Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa, among other places and we can help you with whatever arrangements you need to make.

We will help you with signage. Know that if you are using PAPER plates or coffee cups for these to be compostable in Sonoma County, there can be no waxy coating and Sonoma Compost does not accept any “compostable” plastics. This was the initial reason we invested in silverware for zero waste events!

Happy green event to you~

Mary and Jonathan

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