Green Mary’s Dish and Eco-wares Library

We have the perfect way for you to put on a special event – all REAL dishware! This is a system meant to encourage sustainability and to support non-profit organizations and events. There is a minimum donation of $75 library maintenance fee.

The Eco-Wares Library is in a warehouse in south Sebastopol. We can arrange a time for someone to meet you for pick up and drop off.

Just call or text Mary at 707-548-7582 or email

Basic information:

  • Wares do NOT match, but they are lovely ceramic and make for very fun table settings!
  • Be sure you and anyone who will be taking responsibility for these items understands the requirements described here, perhaps send this in an email to your team.
  • Please return everything clean and in the same sorted and packaged manner that the items were lent to your group.
  • Clean dishes and utensils must be run through a dishwasher or if washed by hand, a sterilizer or bleach solution must be used in the final rinse.
  • Milk crates must be lined with clean bags for dishes of all types. You will be given bags with your loan of items.
  • You can use the GM crates to gather dirty dishes in the original bags if you like but please do not return the crates dirty, nor any dirty plastic trash bags, obviously.
  • Linens/napkins are to be returned clean and folded in a clean box or bag.
  • We can also do it all, from delivery to removal and washing of supplies for an additional fee but this must be pre-arranged and is not always an option.

Wares available:

  • Utensils – over 800 each knives, forks, spoons
  • Large serving spoons – 30
  • Plastic water/juice cups – about 200 small and large
  • Wine glasses – 250 plus
  • Glass stemless wine glasses – 100 plus
  • Plastic stemless wine “glasses” – 100 plus
  • Large plates – 370 plus
  • Small plates – 300
  • Bowls – 200
  • Coffee mugs – about 250
  • Pint glasses – about 24
  • Mason Jars – 48 or more
  • Water pitchers – 13
  • Table cloths – 10 matching deep purple ones, approx. 10’ long, rectangular and oblong
  • another 12 unmatching colors and varied size and shape.
  • Cloth napkins – unmatching 120 napkins
  • Baskets – large and small for display purposes, to put utensils or napkins in, etc
  • Ceramic water crocks – to use with five gallon jugs for dispensing water
  • 2 gallon thermos for keeping water or coffee hot
  • 2 Galvanized tubs (for wine bottle or other beverage chilling)
  • Coolers

We may have other items that you might like for your event, just ask us.

This is a community service. We do NOT wash stuff and only cursorily check through crates as they are returned. Dishes and linens must be returned clean and the dishware has to be run through a dishwasher, or sterilizer must be used after washing and rinse, in order to sterilize it. There is a commercial dishwasher available to the public at the Oddfellows Hall in Santa Rosa, among other places and we can share information about making any arrangements you need to make.

Toward being green, of course you are recycling and composting whatever you are able, right?!? You can borrow a set of and color coded boxes for trash, compost and recycling and can help you with signage and messaging to help you inform and educate your attendees. Friendly tip, regarding this matter, most event waste is compost and recycling; pre-event waste can be trash to a higher percentage but with thoughtful planning on your part, the planet will thank you. We use tiny black trash cans in between the large blue recycling and green for organics to make the point that next to nothing needs to go to the landfill and attendees figure it out and do their own self-sorting!

Green Mary’s advice on disposables: A) avoid them. B) no waxy coating on plates. Paper coffee cups and all “compostable plastics” are GARBAGE in Sonoma County. For plates, Chinette brand is fine and your cheap plain no wax paper plate works too. The only compostable utensils are made of birch or bamboo. This is WHY we invested in silverware for zero waste events.

Looking forward to helping you put on the greenest event possible!

Green Mary

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