Turn Key Waste Management

We maximize composting and recycling, we work closely with producers and vendors. Our primary aims are to greatly reduce resource waste from the onset, minimize trash to the landfill , educate all participants around sustainability choices for wares and practices and to empower participants to practice environmentally sustainable habits.


Pre-event Green Planning

  • Gather all pertinent information from event producer in one simple on-line form
  • Acquire event details from producer to design a customized Zero Waste Plan
  • Pre-event meetings and site walks, as needed
  • Contribute to press releases so that community and attendees are aware of the lengths the event is going to in order to be environmentally responsible, steps that participants can take to be a full part of the process
  • Serve as a resource for all green matters in event production – solar power, water refill stations, compostable wares, volunteer support, transportation, décor, local produce, green printers, etc.
  • Advance best practices and products
  • Help get events and individuals off the single-use bottled water habit, better for people and the planet
  • If desired, arrange for water filtration unit and refill stations, locate source of potable water within footprint
  • Provide food vendor letter outlining green procedures and acceptable wares, adapted to location
  • Outline and adhere to recycling guidelines by location
  • Provide “What goes where” for producer and vendors so they are aware of what is recyclable and compostable at their event site (varies by locale)
  • Prepare event-specific signage for what goes where based on those realities
  • Provide food wares options – bamboo plates, birch utensils, reusable wine glasses, e.g.
  • Connect event with carbon emissions offsetting company, if desired
  • Communicate with vendors about best choices
  • Calculate size, number of dumpsters; with producer, determine placement
  • Liaison with hauler for dumpster delivery, placement and pick up
  • If desired, prepare Recycling Plan, submit to necessary permitting agencies
  • For many events, we can haul all waste off site, often a great savings over dumpster rental
  • For events in municipalities without organics composting, we can haul the organic waste to authorized transfer station or to compost facility.
  • Arrange for used vendor oil hauling for use as veggie oil, or haul it ourselves
  • Provide containers for compost, recycling, and landfill cans, with detailed signage
  • With over 15 years of event production support, Green Mary has myriad connections and resources for

needs beyond environmental, just ask!

  • Reach out for volunteer support – share all volunteer networks with producers
  • Arrange for left-over food pick up by food bank, or take it ourselves to distribute


On site:

  • Set up “EcoStations” for compost, recycling, and trash – appropriate number for size of event
  • Pre-event grounds cleaning throughout set-up process
  • Provide clear labeling with detailed signage: green for compost, blue for recycling, black for trash
  • Affix signs and sample items on these lids show what goes where
  • Set up water filtration unit, water refill stations with “WATER” banners and/or signage
  • Ensure food vendors are in compliance with event Green Plan – all compostable wares, if applicable
  • Set up compost, recycling and trash containers for all food vendors
  • Work closely with food vendors and caterers to ensure their participation
  • Provide optional dump buckets for EcoStations (events with free booze, lots of dumping…)
  • Manage green team, train volunteers
  • Educate participants around public event waste diversion at the greening booth
  • Post Earth Tip signage with powerful, actionable items for living lighter on the planet
  • Monitor EcoStations
  • Subcontract grounds cleaning and street sweeping
  • Roving spot sorting of stations – keeps compost “pure” and enables more front of house education
  • Partner with area Conservation Corps in utilizing myriad human resources and advancing the education and opportunities of youth from diverse backgrounds
  • Haul all full bags
  • Ensure ALL “waste” is sorted to maximize compost and recycling
  • Remove hazardous waste and miscellaneous recyclables such as hangers and clean plastic film
  • Salvageable food goes to feed people!
  • Anything reusable goes to a new home, thrift store, toward a next life, maximizing re-use.
  • Keep site clean throughout event
  • Label dumpsters, call for pick up with numbers and contents
  • Provide final site clean up



  • Calculate and report diversion numbers, including varied resources saved or recycled, if requested pre-event
  • Attend download meeting or provide post-event feedback
  • Contribute to press releases regarding waste prevention and diversion accomplishments
  • Share suggestions and observations for moving greenly forward


Other services available

  • Water refill stations – stainless steel, four-spigot unit hooks up to high quality filtration unit, continuing the march away from single-use plastic water bottles
  • Green Banners – high quality banners and signage produced on environmentally friendly material through a process that has the lowest impact on the planet
  • Green Mary booth for powerful eco-education, merge all your environmental messages under one canopy
  • Solar power for events: solar recharging station at Green Mary booth for electronics, green

power for outlying stages, all manner of energy needs

  • Hauling away waste from small to medium-sized events
  • Can arrange for street sweeping, pressure washing, large matter hauling
  • Can do JUST sorting, if event producer has all other components managed, or sorting/hauling
  • Container creation and ordering
  • Facilities cleaning – restrooms, kitchens

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