Event Waste Diversion & Greening


Providing Customized, Turn-key Event Waste Diversion

Green People

Attendees, Sponsors, Vendors
Volunteer Outreach
Social Media

Green Service

EcoStations & Custom Signage
Dumpsters & Hauling
Water Refill Stations

Green Energy

Recycling & Composting
Solar Energy

Greening All Aspects of Your Event

Turn-key Event Greening Services

Core Services

Recycle Stations
Clear, effective set up for compost & recycling maximization

Management of Containers
Ordering & providing, placement, hauling, cans and dumpster placement and pick up

Plastic Bottle Reduction / Drinking Water Stations
Filtration units and dispensers toward reuse, away from single use or disposable plastic water bottles

Composting of all organic waste to make soil

Food vendor outreach
We coordinate all food vendors ensuring your event meets the State Zero Waste Mandate (AB) 939.

Food Vendor Greening
Ensuring all vendors have compostable and/or recyclable wares & arrange for vendor oil hauling and reuse.

We provide and install the signs that tell people “What goes where”

Track and Report
We provide the hard numbers of percentage diverted from the landfill for your reports

Support and networking
We coordinate between your event, restaurants, lodges, businesses and organizations

Add-on Services

Container Monitors
Keeps your event greener and attendees happier

Earth Tips signage
Educates all participants on How to live more lightly on earth during and after your event

3D Signage
Example items attached to compost sign showing “What goes where”

Media Outreach and Promotion
Press releases, radio interviews, social media blasts, customized messaging to promote your environmental awareness

Environmental Education Booth
We make learning fun

Portable Solar Power Stations
Phone Charging Stations, Auxiliary Power, Quiet Stage Power Solutions

Eco Food Service Library & Reusable dishware 
Services up to 700 attendees

  • Plates, bowls, wine glasses, mason jars, cups, silverware
  • Table clothes
  • Water pitchers / Water dispensers
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Eco Station Containers for compost and recycling

You are stunning!!!!”

Pamela Ledesma
Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

Green Mary’s is the most highly respected waste diversion in the Bay – you know that right?

Allison Baca
Alzheimer Walk in SF

Great job again, Mary and the Green Team…

We do events like this all over the country – Chicago, New York, Toronto, Atlanta and New Orleans and in my 39 years of event production, nobody does it better!

Bill Burke
Bay to Breakers Race Director, Premier Event Management

Green Mary – you and your crew are unbelievable. You all busted your butts all day long at the 4th of July which is a very long day and were still smiling at 11PM.

I can’t thank you enough.

Lisa Bullwinkel
Producer, Berkeley Fourth of July Festival


Are you outside of California and looking for consultation for your own event or event greening company?

Because our main focus is doing and being green, we don’t want to travel beyond what an event’s carbon footprint should bear. We stay local and green local in our own huge state.

We have consulting and training programs for all aspects of event Greening and Waste Diversion – anywhere in the world (outside of California).

Helping people launch their own Green Business further increases our Triple Bottom Line.

Why Green Mary?

Green Mary on top of the list
Green Mary is on the top of the list of Greeners within San Francisco’s Department of The Environment

Green Mary is a preferred vendor for

  • City of San Francisco
  • Berkeley
  • San Francisco Parks and Recreation

Green Team Experts
Very experienced staff and crew throughout the Bay area

Passion for the environment
As of 1989 and the State Zero Waste Mandate (AB) 939, events must achieve a 50% waste diversion. You can either hire Green Mary to make your event that awesome event you always wanted it to be – or you can be picking plastic bottles from bags food waste at 2 in the morning

Volunteer recruitment
Volunteer recruitment, education and hands on training

Triple Bottom Line
Greening your event is the obvious work.
Additionally, we work with Food Runners, COTS, Redwood Gospel Mission Inn to Feed hundreds of people each month.

Green Mary has been a San Francisco Bay Area green resource for 15 years

Customized event management

We keep our our prices low with

  • Trained team members in multiple counties
  • Economy of Scale: By greening over 250 event dates each year and with multiple events on any given weekend we can maximize our own time resources and pass that savings on to you
  • Our history and familiarity with local venues, vendors, resources, haulers leads to time savings for us and fiscal savings for you

Green Mary is a Certified Woman-Owned Business

“This is the true Joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it what I can.”

-George Bernard Shaw

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